Swarovski Slc Binoculars

  • Swarovski Slc Binoculars
    Swarovski Slc Binoculars
    Swarovski Optik
    With their reliable, high-quality optical system and rugged construction, the SLC Swarovski binoculars are among the world's most popular high-end binoculars. The thumb rests on the underside and the depressions on the top side of the easy to handle rubber armoring ensure secure and comfortable handling. The large 56 models show off their strengths particularly when used in adverse light conditions and are thus excellent for observation in the transition period between dusk and night. The lightweight, compact 30 Swarovski binoculars have rugged construction and high dioptric compensation. It can be used in all areas of nature observation, sport and cultural events, and is very popular as entry-level Swarovski binoculars. As with all SLC models, they are characterized by their high-quality optical system with optimized coatings and their sturdy design. The sturdy metal housing and non-slip rubber armoring ensure outstanding functionality. Made in Austria.
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