Zg Helios 843 4 Mid Flex 8.0 Fly Rod

  • Zg Helios 843 4 Mid Flex 8.0 Fly Rod
    Zg Helios 843 4 Mid Flex 8.0 Fly Rod
    Fly Fishing
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    2 oz. 8'4", 4-piece, Mid-Flex 8.0 fly rod for 3-wt. line.We set out on an adventure to make the world's lightest fly fishing rod. Along the way, we also made the world's best.This is the mid-flex version of the classic 8-foot 4-inch 3-weight dry fly rod. The simple difference is where the rod is designed to bend-the mid-flex offers a bit more of a traditional feel. The length offers the casting control of a medium-length rod, but is still long enough to allow excellent reach for mending line. The 3-weight handles any size dry fly and allows you to drop a fly with delicacy and precision in just the right place. Helios is by far the most remarkable advance in graphite technology, offering effortless casts, startling accuracy, and presentations that are sure to improve your efficiency, yet this fly fishing rod has more than enough strength to handle big broad-shouldered trout. If dry flies are your passion, this rod will be the love of your life.The perfect fly rod for fishing small s
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